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About Us

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The concept of treating one another with respect has been fundamental to the establishment of Luthai India. We are a young organisation that has a strong belief in its core principles. Our company specialises in providing customers with exclusive, highly sumptuous, premium textiles that are sold over the counter. Our impressive presence throughout the garment value chain is the result of our company’s strategic growth in branded apparel and retail sectors, which was driven in part by the expansion of the organic cotton market. Luthai India’s expertise spans the entire journey in terms of innovation, design, and customer service. This begins with the product’s humble beginnings as cotton fiber in a farmer’s field and continues all the way to the retail establishment where it is sold.

Luthai India Co. Ltd is the largest maker of superfine cotton fabric and is a world leader in the production of specialty yarn and dyed fabrics. They are also the largest producer of special yarn. At Luthai, everything from growing to spinning to dying to weaving and finishing, including the production of shirts, is done by our workforce of over 20,000 people using the most advanced technology in the world, which is imported from Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and Belgium. We also have a strong team of designers in India, in addition to our design center in Milan, which is located in Italy. As a result of our firm commitment to providing products of the highest possible quality and to developing meaningful connections with our clients, we have become the industry leader in textiles and, more importantly, the most chosen business partner for millions of customers all over the world.

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Our amazing presence throughout the apparel value chain is a result of the fact that our company is moving in the direction of expansion in the branded apparel and retail business by being involved in the farming of organic cotton.


Implementing technology into the majority of our processes is the primary and most important capability of our human resources. We can produce the highest-quality goods thanks to technology. This has been demonstrated, and we are capable of going above and beyond what our customers anticipate. Integrated management system: We are able to give our customers the best service thanks to the existence of an integrated and professional management system. In whatever we do, we’ve vowed to give it our all. In a nutshell, our commitment is to ensure that our clients are happy.


The design studio for Luthai India is run by a youthful, bright, and innovative group of designers. Instead of designing for a living, our team of designers “lives” to design. They collect outstanding designs and provide them all as shirting fabrics. Our crew gets a high from glittering and radiant designs, thus they are motivated to produce patterns that increase sales. We have cultivated each and every design detail on each and every one of our fabrics with incredible levels of passion. Therefore, anytime you pick up one of our fabrics, keep in mind that you are also picking up a part of us.