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Supima Cotton



The marketing name for Pima cotton produced in America is Supima. In an effort to market and brand Supima cotton, the Supima organisation was founded in El Paso, Texas, in 1954. The term Supima was created by fusing the phrases “Superior” and “Pima.”

To make sure that consumers have access to and get high-quality products made using Supima’s premium cotton, the company now focuses on forming partnerships with top brands in the fashion and home markets.

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Extra Long Staple - Supima Cotton


Cottons are not all created equal. A superior variety of cotton developed in the USA is called Supima cotton. Less than 1% of cotton farmed worldwide is represented by it. The extra-long staple fibre that gives Supima cotton its premium qualities, including strength, softness, and colour retention, sets it apart from other cottons.


Because Supima cotton is twice as robust as normal cotton, the resulting items are incredibly durable. Longer fibres are more robust and maintain their shape for longer-lasting fashion and home products because they resist pilling, cracking, and tearing.

Strength - Supima Cotton


Supima features a fibre that is finer, stronger, and longer, allowing for reduced twist and better performance, making it naturally softer and more opulent. In comparison to conventional cotton’s 1 inch length, its extra-long staple measures 1.5 inches. As a result, your products will feel incredibly soft and will continue to get softer over time.


The finer strands of Supima absorb colour more deeply and permanently. As a result, the product has superior colour retention than typical cottons. This means that Supima products retain their shine wash after wash, allowing you to use them for a very long time.

Vibrance - Supima Cotton